Act For The Planet is made up of a team that has a common passion; reduction in pollution around the globe. IT is sad that the food that would have been used to feed a good chunk of the world population is lost as waste. This is not only a humanitarian concern but a reality that should make every environmentalist restless. This is because decomposing food contributes immensely to air pollution.

Do you share in this passion and eagerly looking for a team with like minds to connect with? Are you researching on the effects of pollution and possible solutions to end this menace? You are welcomed to ask your questions and be assured that someone from our team will provide you with all the answers you desire.

If there are any events targeted at creating awareness on pollution or food wastage be sure that we will bring you the highlights. If you know of any you will like us to promote you are also free to contact us. You can get in touch with us today through any of our contact channels.



For general inquiry about our team, belief, mission, and vision, you can follow this link at:

This website is highly informative with recent happenings around the globe in terms of pollution, its effects and the efforts made by various governments to curtail it. While we hope that the information contained therein will inspire you to think positively about ways to improve your efforts to combat pollution, we also pledge to keep it updated with news and actions by different individuals or organizations to enlighten the world on the dangers of some of our current practices which is increasing the level of pollution.