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Act For The Planet was created to bring today’s ecological problems to the limelight.

Our Belief

We believe that the fight against pollution should not be left to the government or a group of scientists alone. Each of us is responsible towards the goal of making the earth a safer place for us all.

Our Mission

We accept the task of keeping educating the world as well as keeping this website updated on the current policies around the world and collaborations between different countries to tackle pollution.

Our Vision

Act For The Planet looks forward to a world where every individual will understand the negative effects of pollution and embrace policies and practices that will reduce pollution.

Green Streaming Initiatives

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Pollution Limits: Are EU Countries Falling Behind?

Air pollution is the biggest environmental risk to health in the European Union.

The European Union bloc auditors have made it clear that most governments in the region are ignoring the air quality limits notwithstanding that it is far lower than the recommended standard set by the World Health Organizations – and as much as one thousand European lives are lost prematurely every day owing to this menace. This death toll, according to a watchdog, is over ten times the lives lost to road accidents.

Studies: Poor Solar Generation Linked To Air Pollution

Solar energy is one of the widely advocated renewable energy sources.

Many countries that are aiming to cut down carbon emission choose solar energy particularly regions with ample daylight. Also, it is easy to light remote areas using solar power compared to other alternative energy sources. Inasmuch as solar energy sounds promising in cutting down the burning of fossil for energy, a new study has shown that airborne particles can reduce energy output of solar cells by an alarming twenty-five percent in some parts of the world.


Our ecosystem plays a major role in shaping our lives

We are calling on all consumers, manufacturers, policymakers, and national leaders to adopt conservative ethics geared towards reduction of air pollution. It is time we need to rethink those practices and traditions that promote pollution and forge a new legacy which we would pass on to the next generation.

plastic pollution
Biodegradable Plastics
Unlikely To Solve Pollution Problem
Plastic pollution is a major threat to aquatic life. Through bio-concentration, humans who dine on aquatic life are also at risk.
mapping air pollution
Google Street View
Mapping Air Pollution
There is a popular saying that a problem known is half solved. To effectively tackle air pollution, it is important to map the pollution patterns to know areas with heavier pollution burden.

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